Can Botox Be Used as a Preventative?

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Botox, the most performed cosmetic procedure in the country, helps reduce signs of aging on the face. A trained practitioner applies this simple and safe treatment in the early stages of the appearance of wrinkles.

Preventative Botox prevents the formation of wrinkles, and surgeons use it before any visible wrinkles or lines appear to forestall them. Here is more information on using Botox as a preventative.


The Botox Procedure

The procedure can take 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the skin condition or extent of treatment. Wrinkles result from frequent muscle movement, so Botox targets facial muscles to block the nerves that signal movement.

Some dermatologists believe that if you start getting Botox before wrinkles appear, you will have fewer wrinkles when you are older. They claim that you will have fewer lines than someone who begins Botox treatment at an older age.


Getting Preventative Botox

Women in their late 20s and early 30s are the ideal candidates, but many get injections in their early 20s. Again, the working theory is that if you get Botox before lines appear, you can keep them away. Those who have expressive faces are good candidates for early treatment.

Faint lines usually develop into wrinkles in the future. Getting preventative Botox may mean that you need less treatment or fewer injections in the future.


Effects of Repeated Injections

Studies have shown that repeated Botox injections can help eliminate or reduce wrinkles in the long term. But when the treatment begins to wear off, the effects of using the neurotoxin reduce wrinkles significantly.

Studies have also shown that some women become obsessed with the effects of Botox. They like how their faces look and remain wrinkle-free, so they continue getting regular injections.


Effects of Stopping Treatment

Some dermatologists have suggested that there are negative effects of halting treatment. So when you start, you must keep getting injections to maintain the results. In addition, patients who had received Botox treatments for decades and then stopped did not get positive results thereafter. Once the effects of the treatment wore off, it was as if they had never had Botox. Stopping treatment causes muscle mobility to resume, leading to wrinkles.


The Cost of Botox

When you consider getting Botox, you must think about the cost of the treatment. It is not a permanent procedure, and you need to repeat the injections every six or so months. With a single treatment going for around $500, depending on your location and other factors, treatment can be expensive. The procedure may be cheaper in some places, but you face the risk of experiencing complications. On the other hand, insurance companies do not cover preventative Botox.

Preventative Botox is relatively new, and research is quite limited. It is not clear how long the injections can prevent wrinkle formation. Results of Botox are not permanent, and once you start treatment, you need to continue to keep away wrinkles.

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