Tips for LASIK Recovery

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LASIK surgery is permanent. It corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism with a 90 percent success rate. For successful surgery, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions. Here are a few helpful tips you can follow in addition to those doctors’ instructions.


Get a Ride Home


You cannot drive yourself home after the surgery. Before you can drive, you must give yourself time for the anesthetic to wear off. Otherwise, blurry vision may impair your ability to drive. So, arrange for a designated driver to help you get home.


Avoid Touching or Rubbing Your Eyes


Your eyes will feel uncomfortable after the procedure. Be careful not to touch or rub them. It may be challenging, but it will help ensure you get the best results. Touching and rubbing your eyes may cause complications, so try as much as possible not to do it. As a tip, you should wear goggles. They will stop you from unconsciously rubbing your eyes.


Get Some Sleep


Sleep is important. After the surgery, you will need to take a nap. The nap helps rehabilitate your eye surface. After this, you will be more comfortable. The laser incision gives a sensation of a foreign body inside your eye. But the more you close your eyes, the quicker they heal—and the better they feel. Hence, get some sleep!


Eye Drops Are Perfect!


Eye drops will help with the feeling of dryness and hydrate your eyes. As they lubricate your eyes, they also help them heal. You will feel more comfortable and see clearly. The dry feeling may continue for up to six months after the surgery. But if the dryness continues for more than six months or the dry eye causes pain, seek medical advice.


Take It Easy


Always remember to take it easy—not just when getting someone to drive you home but also when getting some sleep. Take a few days off work even though you think you are okay. Ease your way back into your daily routine and let your vision adapt.


Take time and rest your whole body for at least two days. Avoid working on your computer, reading, or any other vigorous activities. During this time, remember to take long naps. When you sleep, you heal.


Take a Luxury Bath


Take a luxurious bath to avoid splashing water into your eyes. Relax and enjoy while avoiding getting any soap and water in your eyes. It may cause you to touch or rub your eyes. Do not rub your eyes, even if it is around the edges.


Dim Lights


As you recover, your eyes may be sensitive to light. Take care of them and dim your lights. This will help them recover. When you go outside, wear sunglasses. They will protect your eyes from glare and UV rays.


Keep Your Follow-up Appointments


After LASIK, you must keep your follow-up appointments. You will have your first follow-up appointment on the day after your LASIK. Keep it and all other follow-up appointments after that. It will help your doctor monitor your progress, and you can get the best long-term results.


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