Why are yearly eye exams important for college students?

Why are yearly eye exams important for college students? 65490bf7f1199.jpeg

College is an exciting time and college students have a great deal to juggle, both with their studies, extracurricular activities and of course their social life. However, there are some important things that they need to prioritize to ensure that they can enjoy their college experience to the fullest. One of these things is the yearly eye exams.


Getting a yearly eye exam may not seem all that important to a college student, and they may overlook their appointments in favor of more interesting activities. Nevertheless, college students are just at risk of developing eye problems as anyone else and there are things that they, along with other young adults, need to take into consideration when it comes to caring for their eyes. Here’s what you need to know about why yearly eye exams are so important for people in college.

Yearly eye exams enable your eye doctor to monitor the health of your eyes

Many people think that they only need to see their eye doctor if they develop a problem with their eyes. However, regular eye exams are just as valuable as preventative tools as they are to treat existing issues. There are lots of different issues that can affect our eyes, not least a variety of eye diseases, some of which can have serious consequences for your long-term vision. When you attend your regular eye exam, health checks will be performed and the results recorded, which will allow your eye doctor to keep a comprehensive record of your eye health. Future tests can be compared to these results which will enable the identification of any developing problems. Prompt treatment is usually less expensive and more successful the earlier it takes place.

Clear vision = better learning

As much as 80% of learning is accessed visually, even at the college level. This means that if your vision is compromised, it could have a direct impact on your ability to access and understand your course materials and could even affect your concentration levels. When you attend regular eye exams, one of the things that your eye doctor will be checking is your visual acuity. This is how well you can see at different distances and will tell your eye doctor if you would benefit from prescription lenses to help you see more clearly – something which will have a hugely positive impact on your learning and potentially even your grades!

You can obtain advice around digital eye strain

The majority of the population spend more time looking at digital devices than ever before, and college students are no exception. Whether it is a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will be using your digital devices to take notes, participate in lectures, read textbooks, watch tv and even communicate with other students. All of this interaction with your screen can add up, and digital eye strain is particularly common amongst young adults. Symptoms include blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches, and eye fatigue. Your eye doctor will be able to give you advice on the best ways to avoid digital eye strain.


If you are at college near home, you can easily schedule an appointment with your family eye doctor. However, if you are away at school, don’t hesitate to ask around for a recommendation for the best eye doctor in the area. Annual visits will help keep your eyes and vision in the best possible condition during your college years.

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