What Are Scleral Contact Lenses?


If you’ve struggled with finding vision solutions, you may be wondering what scleral contact lenses are all about. These specialized, rigid gas-permeable lenses rest on the sclera, or the white part of your eye, rather than sitting right on the cornea like standard contact lenses.

Scleral lenses can boost vision clarity and comfort for people with complex eye conditions who cannot tolerate regular contact lenses or do not see the results they need for clear, reliable vision.

How Scleral Contact Lenses Stand Out

For starters, scleral lenses vault entirely over your cornea instead of touching it directly like soft lenses. This creates a “fluid reservoir” space that keeps the corneal surface cushioned by hydrating tears.

Because they don’t sit on the cornea, these large lenses rest gently on your conjunctiva and sclera. This makes them highly stable and comfy for all-day wear, unlike regular contacts that tend to irritate the eyes over time. Scleral contact lenses also permit excellent oxygen transmission to the cornea for healthier long-term use.

When Scleral Lenses May Improve Your Vision

People with severely dry eyes finally experience relief and comfort in scleral lenses since they constantly hydrate the surface. Patients born with irregular corneas from conditions like keratoconus can also gain tremendously enhanced vision through custom-fitted scleral lenses.

By vaulting over damaged or uneven corneal tissue, scleral lenses can rescue vision from lingering issues after LASIK, cataract surgery, or corneal transplants. They can also be highly effective when glasses and soft contacts fall short.

What Is a Scleral Lenses Fitting Like?

Getting fitted for scleral lenses calls for precise optical measurements of your unique corneal topography. This ensures that lens diameter and shape can properly fit over your cornea without compressing it.

An experienced optometrist will refine the positioning and lens power over multiple visits to nail down the optimal fit and vision correction tailored to your eyes. Regular follow-ups are also crucial to ensure the whites of your eyes stay healthy while wearing these lenses.

Schedule a Scleral Lens Evaluation Today!

If the benefits of scleral lens therapy sound helpful for your eye health and vision clarity, ask your optometrist if they’re an option for you. Contact Abraham Eye Associates in Villanova, PA, at 484-209-0800 to book a comprehensive evaluation and determine if scleral lenses can enhance your vision, comfort, and well-being.

With eye doctors specializing in all types of ocular disease and vision impairments, you can feel confident knowing that our team will find the perfect treatment for you.

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