How To Manage Dry Eyes


Having dry eyes can happen for many different reasons, but everyone can agree — it’s not fun. Fortunately, you can manage the condition with these helpful tips.

Dry Eye Basics

Dry eyes usually occur when your tears fail to lubricate your eyes sufficiently. Inadequate lubrication can happen for many reasons, including age, allergen exposure, or hormonal changes. No matter what causes them, dry eyes can result in stinging, blurry vision, redness, and persistent irritation.

Ways to Manage Dry Eyes

Since there are so many different causes, speaking to an optometrist about what’s happening in your case is vital. Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step in finding a healthy treatment that works for you. With that in mind, there are plenty of different options for treating dry eyes:

  • Using artificial tears: Commonly found in the form of eye drops, artificial tears pick up the slack to do what your tears should be doing. Although you can purchase them without needing a prescription, it’s best to talk to an ophthalmologist first. Some products aren’t recommended for frequent use.
  • Use prescription eye drops: Prescription eye drops are applied like artificial tears, but there’s a key difference. These products include a medication that stimulates your eyes to produce more fluid.
  • Undergo surgery: Your ophthalmologist might recommend you receive surgery to block your tear ducts, which will keep natural lubrication from draining as quickly. This surgery can use reversible plug implants, but some patients undergo permanent tear duct closure operations.
  • Treat the causes: Talking to your ophthalmologist can help you determine what’s causing your eye irritation so that you can deal with the root issue. For instance, you can correct the issue with eyelid cleaners, gentle eyelid massages, or warm compresses. Sometimes, using humidifiers, wearing glasses outdoors, or changing your diet may help.

Learn How to Manage Your Dry Eyes at Abraham Eye Associates

Dry eyes can be irritating and interfere with your daily life, but you don’t have to settle for suffering. Talk to an optometrist at Abraham Eye Associates in Villanova, PA. Book your consultation now by calling 484-209-0800 or scheduling online.

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