Top Eyewear Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021

Top Eyewear Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021 65490abc9cb0d.jpeg

Eyewear is a hugely personal choice. Like clothes, you want to select eyewear that fits in with your personal style, but you also need to take into account the shapes and shades that suit your face shape and complexion to ensure that your glasses or sunglasses work perfectly to complement your appearance. If you are fashion conscious, you’ll be particularly interested in finding out which eyewear trends will be hot in 2021, so that you can make sure your choices reflect the designs that everyone is talking about.


Here are 5 of the top eyewear trends that will be huge in 2021:


Retro Round Frames


Retro isn’t going anywhere in 2021 and you’ll see classic round frames in every store. However, far be it from everything to stay the same and this year there will be some rocking some fantastic additions, from crystal embellishments and accented arm designs to brightly-colored lenses. Whether you keep it classic with cool steel or warm tortoiseshell, or you embrace these frames with a modern twist, you’ll be on-trend.


Oversized Sunglasses


Go big or go home! Oversized sunglasses certainly aren’t anything new, but they remain at the forefront of eyewear fashion for 2021. Bold, striking, and great for hiding tired eyes, super-sized, chunky frames are going to be hot news this summer.


Color Burst Glasses


Why stick with one pair of glasses to match all of your outfits when you can get frames and lenses to work with every occasion? If you aren’t afraid to be noticed, colored plastic frames and lenses are a great addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. Not only do they showcase your personality, but they are also a great talking point when it comes to meeting new people. Don’t be afraid to let your true colors show!


Tinted Aviators


Let’s face it, aviators are one classic shape that will never, ever die. However, that doesn’t stop them from evolving with the times, and this year, we are expecting to see a cool twist on this iconic silhouette with subtly tinted lenses. Forget browns and oranges. No 2021 will see a rise in pastel pinks, blues, greens, and purples, adding a modern edge to a much-loved favorite.


Blue Light Lenses


With most of us spending more time than ever using digital devices, it’s unsurprisingly that the number of people experiencing digital eye strain is higher than ever. Fortunately, blue light lenses can block out most of the harmful blue light, preventing the symptoms of the condition, including eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, and neck pain. Better still, while they may essentially be a medical device, there are some super-chic varieties available, meaning that you can keep your eyes healthy and your style on point. Speak to your eye doctor to make sure you get blue light lenses that are right for you and your visual needs.


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