Stop Dealing With Fogged Up Glasses From Your Mask: Now Is the Time to Consider LASIK or Contacts

Stop Dealing With Fogged Up Glasses From Your Mask: Now Is the Time to Consider LASIK or Contacts 65490bd65e6f3.jpeg

Although masks help us avoid contracting coronavirus, many eyeglass wearers are finding out that mask-induced foggy lenses are a nuisance. When wearing your mask, your warm breath hits the cool surface of your glasses, and this results in fog. This is very irritating especially if you enter a store that has to air-condition because suddenly you won’t be able to see. At the same time, you cannot handle your glasses without first washing your hands. You can consider washing your lenses with soapy water so that the moisture on your glasses disperses. Although this is quite helpful, it is a temporary solution. This is why you should consider LASIK or contacts. These are more permanent solutions to your problem.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK stands for Laser in Situ Keratomileusis. It means using a laser underneath the flap of the cornea to reshape it. The procedure uses a high-intensity laser that treats refractive errors and completely eliminates the need for glasses or contacts. The surgery alters the shape of the cornea to improve eyesight. LASIK eye surgery is fast because it takes roughly 30 minutes in total. After the surgery, your doctor will advise you to rest your eyes for a day to avoid the feeling of discomfort and burning. Here are some advantages LASIK has over glasses:

Long-lasting Results


LASIK’s results are permanent and there is no need for follow-up procedures. Your eyesight will improve, and you wouldn’t need to wear glasses again. This will eliminate the “foggy” vision you experience when wearing a mask and eyeglasses.

Saves You Some Money

At first, LASIK may seem expensive, and it is. But if you factor in the costs of eyeglasses and the frequent visits to your doctor, it is quite expensive to wear glasses in the long run. Once you have identified LASIK providers, inquire about their fees, and compare prices.

Puts You at Less Risk of Contracting Diseases

On a hot humid day, you are likely to have foggy vision due to your eyeglasses. This might even cause loss of vision if you enter into an even more humid environment. Unfortunately, if you have dirty hands you cannot remove your glasses and clean them up. This is because you are risking contracting coronavirus. This leaves you in a dilemma. But with LASIK, you do not have to worry because you will not experience foggy vision, reducing the chances of you touching your eyes with dirty hands.

Contact Lenses

Although LASIK surgery is a more permanent solution, you might not have the money for it. In this case, you should consider buying contact lenses. Here’s what contact lenses offer:

Wider Field of View


Contact lenses offer a wider field of view than eyeglasses. Eyeglasses’ thick frames can block parts of your vision and lead to foggy eyesight in humid environments. Contact lenses tend to give off a natural vision. They move with your eye and do not get wet or foggy when it is cold.

If you are having challenges dealing with fogged up glasses and you want to consider a more permanent solution, Abraham Eye Associates in Villanova, Pennsylvania, would be happy to help you. You can reach out to us today at (484)-209-0800 and schedule an appointment.

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