Am I a Candidate for Botox and Juvéderm?

Am I a Candidate for Botox and Juvéderm? 65490af35e85b.jpeg

Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, we know that you want to look your best and so we have extended our services to offer Botox and Juvéderm treatments. Both of these treatments are what are known as ‘injectables’ – a term that refers to the method with which they are administered. This process is carried out using ultra-fine needles which limit discomfort and marking, although topical anesthetic may be available should it be required. A fast variety of cosmetic treatments that can be performed in a lunchtime break, injectables are one of the easiest and most popular ways of diminishing the effects of the aging process.


Botox is a very well-known form of cosmetic treatment for counteracting the effects of aging, primarily on the upper part of the face. Botox itself is a neurotoxin that temporarily blocks the chemical messages from the nerves to the muscles, preventing them from moving. When the muscles are still, the movement of the overlying skin is reduced too, making it harder for it to wrinkle and form lines. As such, the skin looks smoother, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the area appears refreshed and rejuvenated.


While Botox is usually applied to the top half of the face, it can also be used to reduce creases in the lines that run from the nose to the mouth, as well as to alter the appearance of the lips. The results of Botox are fairly instantaneous, and there’s no downtime to worry about. In most instances, the effects will last up to 6 months before further treatment is required.


Candidates for Botox

Good candidates for Botox typically have:


  • Horizontal lines across the forehead.

  • Vertical furrows between their eyes when they frown, known as glabellar or ‘11’ lines.

  • Crinkles and lines in the corners of the eyes often referred to as ‘crow’s feet’.

  • Small, thin wrinkles around the mouth that become more noticeable when certain facial expressions are made.


Juvéderm is a type of esthetic treatment that is known as a ‘filler’ that is usually applied to the lower half of the face. This is because it works to plump out areas of the face that have lost volume, causing sagging skin, hollowing, and a more aged appearance. It does this using the active ingredient hyaluronic acid, or HA as it is commonly known. HA is naturally-occurring but our production of this substance diminishes with age. Hyaluronic acid is one of the key building blocks of healthy skin and is unique in that it can hold a remarkable amount of water. Just one gram of hyaluronic acid is capable of holding as much as 6 liters of water, latching onto water molecules found in our bodies, and drawing the from deeper layers of the skin and bringing them outwards to plump and hydrate the skin.


When Juvéderm is added to the face, it will add volume to the skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles so that they are less pronounced, hydrating it so that it is more luminous and generally creating a more youthful appearance. The results are instant, and there’s no downtime, and the effects can last between 12 months and 2 years, depending on exactly which Juvéderm solution you choose.


Candidates for Juvéderm

Good candidates for Juvéderm typically have:


  • Fine lines, wrinkles, or deeper folds occurring around their nose, mouth, and jaw.

  • Creases and lines on their forehead.

  • Mild to moderate acne scarring, as the Juvéderm can plump the skin enough to stretch the scars out.

  • Hollowed-out areas where there is noticeably lost volume.

  • Thin or uneven lips (since Juvéderm can also be used to plump the lips).


If you would like to find out more about either of these popular and effective cosmetic treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team to schedule a consultation.

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