Signs & Symptoms of Common Eye Problems

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Sometimes, eye problems can be severe, so if you are experiencing any issues that do not seem normal, then it may be best for you to see an eye doctor. It is essential to keep up with your eye exams to prevent any eye problems from becoming major issues develop.

Common Mild to Moderate Signs & Symptoms

Blurry vision can signify that you need more sleep or have been in front of a monitor for too long. Take a rest and see if that helps. If blurry vision is a recurring symptom, you will want to discuss that with your eye doctor. There might be additional health issues in play.

Floaters and halos can also be a common sign of eye issues. Nearsighted people tend to have floaters, and for the most part, they are normal. If you see new floaters or have a sudden loss of vision due to what looks like a dark floater, you will need to visit your eye doctor or possibly the emergency room.

Redness in your eyes can indicate a few different things. It could be pink-eye, or it could just be a lack of sleep. If they are red, swollen, and have heavy discharge, see a doctor because you likely have a mild infection. Getting timely proper medical treatment is vital to keep your eyes from suffering any permanent damage.

Common Severe Signs & Symptoms

Severe or sudden eye pain that seems to come out of nowhere warrants a visit to your eye doctor, especially if it is new. Eye pain like this could signal a rise in pressure in your eye. It could indicate other underlying health issues.

Unusual light sensitivity is not normal and can indicate a corneal ulcer or other issues. You want to get this checked as soon as possible. If a corneal ulcer is left untreated for too long, you could have vision loss that ranges from partial to complete loss in that eye.

Sudden vision changes are cause for concern. While vision does change over time, especially as you get older, anything sudden means you are headed to the emergency room. Your retina could have detached from the back of your eyes, causing a loss of blood supply. Sudden blurry vision can also be a sign of a stroke or a heart attack.

If you develop dark red pools of blood in your eye, that is indicative of a hyphema. Bleeding like this happens when you incur an injury in your eyes, which can be excruciating in your eyes. Blood pools in your eye and causes an excessive pressure. This requires an ER visit to relieve the pressure, so you do not end up with irreversible problems, including total vision loss.

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