Why the 20-20-20 Rule Is Important For Eye Health

Why the 20 20 20 Rule Is Important For Eye Health 65490ad64eb45.jpeg

If you’ve mentioned what you do in a day to your eye doctor, he or she must have recommended the 20-20-20 rule. Most people use digital screens or study throughout the day, which strains their eyes.


The way to relieve or prevent eye strain is to take up the 20-20-20 rule.


What Is the 20-20-20 Rule?


The rule is that for every 20 minutes you spend with your eyes focused, look away at something placed 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds.


Well, it would be hard to ensure that an object is strictly 20 feet away unless you measure the distance. So, rather than stress about the distance, focus on something far away from you. For example, you could look through the window at something. It could be a passing vehicle or a bird perched on a tree. It should be anything that is a considerable distance from you, 20 feet or more.


Avoid placing your desk facing a wall because then, your vision is obscured. Place it facing the door to increase the items within your vision. If your working space is small and you cannot focus on objects 20 feet away, schedule regular breaks, and take a walk outside. The outside environment has more features that you can focus on. Getting up and taking a little walk allows your body to stretch a bit. Stretching keeps you from developing neck, shoulder, and back pains.


Some people make a slight twist to the 20-20-20 rule, and it seems to work well. Instead of looking at something 20 feet away, you could close your eyes for 20 seconds. Every 20 minutes, shut your eyes briefly and let them rest.


Must It Be 20 Seconds?


Yes. 20 seconds, at a minimum. This number is significant because eyes take about 20 seconds to relax.


Remember to blink many times. When staring at a screen, your involuntary blinking goes down, causing your eyes to dry. So, blink many times consciously to wet your eyes. Blinking also encourages tear production.


It’s also a good idea to drink lots of water during your break. Keep your body hydrated because this transfers to your eyes. If your body is hydrated, your eyes are hydrated too.


Some people say drinking green tea works better than plain water. Green tea contains catechins, antioxidants that boost tear production.


Be Careful


If you fail to rest your eyes occasionally, they start to strain. Here are the symptoms of eyestrain to let you know that you’re falling off the wagon:


  • Watery eyes

  • Dry eyes

  • Eye redness

  • Itching

  • Sore and tired

  • Burning sensation

  • Blurred vision

  • Light sensitivity

  • Soreness in the shoulders, neck, and back

  • Double vision

  • Difficulty keeping your eyes open

  • Concentration issues

If you notice any or a few of these signs, try resting your eyes and hydrating throughout the day. If the symptoms persist, especially when your vision changes, see an eye doctor. Visit Abraham Eye Associates at Villanova, Pennsylvania. You can also call 484-209-0800 to request an appointment.

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