What Are the Most Common Eye Diseases?

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Eye health spans far beyond vision. When it comes to protecting your sight, it’s important to know your risks for common eye diseases and how they can affect you. At Abraham Eye Associates, we provide an extensive range of support for congenital and acquired eye diseases.

The Most Common Ocular Diseases in America

There are many conditions that affect American children and adults. These are some of the most popular.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

As you grow older, your eyes naturally change. Macular degeneration affects the retina, the part of your eye that plays a large role in helping translate light into images through specialized cells called photoreceptors. AMD affects central vision, which means your peripheral sight may be intact, but anything you look at directly appears blurry.

When fine details become obscured, it can be difficult for patients to live their daily lives. Early treatment and corrective procedures are key to managing AMD.


When the eye’s surface (cornea) changes from a dome shape to a cone shape, it is known as a condition called keratoconus. As the surface bulges, it creates visual disturbances that impact everyday life.

Luckily, there is a wide range of treatment options available, and we specialize in the most effective solutions here at Abraham Eye Associates.


Known most commonly as “lazy eye,” amblyopia typically affects one eye and is the leading cause of visual problems in children. The condition is caused by a developmental issue with the nerve connection between the affected eye and brain; the eye itself is not structurally impaired. Instead, the brain ignores input from the eye, leading to reduced vision.

Treatment options vary based on severity and a person’s age; cataract surgery, glasses, and correcting droopy eyelids are potential solutions.

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