The Beginner’s Guide to Vision Therapy for Adults

vision therapy for adults

As their eyes develop, many children require specialized care to correct impairments and hone their visual abilities; however, adults can also benefit from vision therapy. If you struggle with depth perception, field of vision, or other visual problems, our expert team can develop a personalized plan to help. Read on to get a quick primer on vision therapy for adults.

Understanding Vision Therapy

Vision therapy, or VT, is a personalized eye care service that helps patients develop greater eye muscle coordination and visual abilities. It combines neuromuscular and neurosensory activities based on each patient’s needs.

Special exercises and devices can help you build skills that improve your vision. These may include light exercises, muscle-strengthening exercises, and therapeutic lenses. Your eye doctor will determine the best treatment plan for you based on your vision and symptoms.

What Can Vision Therapy for Adults Treat?

VT for adults can help alleviate various unpleasant symptoms caused by poor visual skills. These signs include:

  • Chronic eye strain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Stiff neck
  • Eye fatigue
  • Double vision

Does Vision Therapy Work?

Results vary by patient depending on the severity of their visual impairment, the underlying cause, and the frequency and types of exercises they perform. By attending regular appointments, patients can improve their vision and ocular muscle control.

We aim to use vision therapy to help patients not only see better but also enjoy daily activities in greater comfort. Skills we may work on include tracking, depth perception, peripheral vision, and seeing objects clearly at varying distances.

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