Natural Vision Changes After 40

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Have you noticed that you need more light to read a restaurant menu? Or do you need a few minutes to wake up before reading that first text message? Do you hold books further away from your eyes than before? If your vision has been 20/20, these changes may surprise you. Vision after 40 can be different from what you’ve come to expect, but with the right knowledge, you can take care of your eyesight for years to come.

What Happens to Your Eyes After 40?

The age of 40 appears to be a demarcation line, after which vision deteriorates based on several internal ocular factors. Some of the most common changes include difficulty focusing on close objects, dry eyes, and difficulty reading in low light. The changes you may notice in your vision after 40 include:

Slower Focusing

Do the words in your novel appear a little fuzzy? The most common natural change to occur over 40 years is that the lens inside your eyes becomes less flexible, making it harder to adjust to different distances, like those required for reading.

Dry Eyes

Do your eyes feel dry and itchy? That may be a result of your tear gland production. They produce fewer tears as they age, which can lead to uncomfortable, dry, and itchy eyes. Fewer tears can also increase the chances of eye infections, as tears naturally flush harmful debris away.

Longer Light Reactivity

Did you know that your pupils can decrease in size over your lifetime? Once you enter your 60s, they can shrink. This natural process results in your pupils needing more time to adjust to changes in ambient light, whether you’re going from a dark to a light environment or vice-versa.

Requiring More Light

As your eyes age, the lens inside your eye may become less transparent, which makes it harder to perceive contrasts. Together, this results in you needing more light to read type, such as exploring a menu in a dark restaurant.

Monitoring Natural Changes

Natural occurring eye changes can be a nuisance, especially after a lifetime of perfect vision. However, to maintain your quality of life and ensure you can continue doing what you love, it’s essential to have regular eye exams. Your eye doctor can monitor the changes and mitigate any more significant damage while providing solutions for vision improvement along the way.

Is It Time to Discover How Your Vision Is Changing?

If you’re ready to discover how your vision is changing over 40 and what you can expect next, reach out to us at Abraham Eye Associates to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled eye doctors in Villanova and Newton Square, PA.

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