How LASIK Eye Surgery Can Save You Money

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Corrective eyewear has come a long way from the wooden frame eyeglasses that debuted in Italy in the 13th century. It took five more centuries to develop contact lenses, and now we are at eye surgery for vision correction. Almost everyone who has refractive vision issues has had to use eyeglasses at some point in their life. Many transition to contacts once they get to adulthood for comfort.


While contacts proved a lot of convenience and comfort, the ultimate stage for vision correction is LASIK. LASIK is not the first eye surgery ever invented for vision correction, but it is the most recent. It is also the most popular of all the surgical options available. The investment and the results all make it very ideal for anyone who is looking for permanent change.


What Is LASIK?


LASIK is the acronym for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis but is more commonly known as laser vision correction. It is a simple procedure that takes less than an hour to perform. It works mainly for refractive errors like hyperopia, astigmatism, and myopia. All these eye issues have, as their cause, the shape of the cornea. 


LASIK surgeons reshape the cornea to change how light refracts into the eye. They use a special laser to create a flap of the cornea. They lift it and cut out part of the underlying endothelium to reshape the cornea’s surface. 


How Can It Save You Money?


LASIK costs quite a bit upfront; sometimes, your insurance will not cover it. Because of these two factors, most people consider the surgery more expensive than other vision correction options. But looking at the long term, LASIK may be more cost and time effective. 



The first thing that LASIK does for you is save you time. The procedure takes less than an hour, and the only downtime you need is a two-day work break. Sometimes, just one day is enough for you to recover. After you are done with the aftercare and the eye doctor clears you, you will not need another procedure unless it is years later. 


The only other time you will spend at the eye doctor for the foreseeable future is for regular eye exams. Other than that, you will not need to spend time picking glasses or contact lenses. You save time and, therefore, money.


  • Cost of Replacement Eyewear


After your LASIK procedure, you will never need another pair of glasses or contacts, especially if you have low-degree errors. All the money you could have spent over twenty years on eyewear can cover the cost of LASIK. Moreover, there will still be a good amount left over. 


  • Lower Chances of Accidents


If you are driving and you forget your glasses or contacts, the chances of being in or causing an accident are four times higher. With LASIK, you will never be in such a position. You can drive in almost any condition because you can see well. Your chances of being in an accident go significantly lower. 



Some clinics offer financing options for LASIK, like no-interest payments spread over 12 months. Some employers can sponsor the surgery through flexible or health savings accounts.


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