How Can Specialty Contact Lenses Benefit Me From Dry Eye?

How Can Specialty Contact Lenses Benefit Me From Dry Eye? 65490a50ca227.jpeg

Millions of people around the world wear contact lenses to correct their vision. People prefer contacts over eyeglasses due to their convenience in vision correction without changing the individual’s appearance. Most people can wear contact lenses without difficulty, but some experience discomfort due to dry eyes. 

A dry eye condition occurs when eyes fail to produce enough tears to provide the required lubrication. Scleral lenses are great for people with dry eyes. You can find out how specialty contact lenses can benefit you from dry eye.

Scleral Lenses Vault Over the Cornea

Specialty contact lenses correct eye problems without irritating the cornea. Unlike standard contacts that sit directly on the cornea, scleral lenses sit on the white part of the eye (sclera). Standard contact lenses soak up the eye moisture, leaving the eyes dry. 

As they’re expressly designed not to touch the corneal surface, specialty lenses help maintain moisture in the eyes. This helps reduce irritation when wearing the contacts.

Providing Hydration to the Eyes

Specialty contact lenses ensure that the eyes have constant hydration. This is very beneficial for anyone who has dry eyes. The space created between the cornea surface and the lens contains a saline solution. 

The solution helps provide constant hydration to the eyes, ensuring relief for dry eyes. One can add artificial tears and an antibiotic into the lens bowl before inserting the contacts. The solution helps with lubrication and promotes eye surface healing.

Specialty Lenses Protect the Cornea

Another benefit of specialty contact lenses is the protection of the cornea. Dry eye condition causes the eye to be sensitive, leaving the corneas vulnerable to injury. The simple act of blinking the eyes can irritate the sensitive eye cornea, causing injury due to eyelid friction. 

Specialty lenses act as a shield over the eyes, protecting them from irritation or damage. The irritation may be from the eyelids or other environmental factors.

Maintain Healthy Eye Appearance

People with dry eye conditions usually have red and unhealthy-looking eyes. The appearance is worse owing to the continual irritation from blinking and the insufficient lubrication. 

Scleral lenses can help maintain a healthy appearance by reducing the bloodshot look. The lenses offer a shield and provide hydration, helping play a therapeutic role that keeps the eye healthy. 

Specialty Lenses Improve Quality of Life

Scleral lenses help improve your quality of life. People with dry eyes usually experience pain, discomfort, and eye exhaustion. They also end up with confidence issues due to eye redness and unhealthy eye appearance. 

Scleral lenses help provide vision correction while also protecting and lubricating the eye. This helps enhance the individual’s quality of life. They can help reduce pain and discomfort while providing clear vision. 

If you have a dry eye condition, you can continue to use artificial tears or eyedrops with specialty lenses. This means you can benefit from both treatment options for your condition. 

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