Contact Lens Health Starts With You

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Technological breakthroughs in eye care have produced contact lenses. These convenient tools for correcting vision are small and effective but require extra care. They touch your eyes, so you have to make sure that nothing contaminates them. If your eye doctor prescribed you to wear contact lenses, here are some effective habits that lead to contact lens health.

Wash and Sanitize Your Hands

Medical experts always emphasize that proper handwashing is your first line of defense against any form of infection. Before you handle your contacts, you should wash and sanitize your hands. Dry your hands with a clean microfiber cloth. Starting your lens care routine this way can help prevent pathogens or debris from adhering to your lenses.

Remove Your Contacts Before Your Sleep

Eye doctors advise that you should always remove your contact lenses before you sleep. If you leave your contacts on while you sleep, your risk of having an eye infection goes higher. You should also replace your contacts as often as your ophthalmologist advises. That way, you can prevent the accumulation of harmful microbes in your lenses.

Clean Your Lenses Properly

Eye experts say that you should never use saliva or water to clean your contacts. Instead, use a contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solution. With this product, rub and rinse your lenses. Always replace the disinfecting solution you put in your lens case. Eye doctors also restate that you should not mix used and fresh solutions. Stick only to the contact lens disinfecting solution prescribed by your eye doctor.

Have a Discussion With Your Eye Doctor

Your ophthalmologist is always ready to provide you with proper information to help you apply, remove, and maintain your lenses. Always go to your eye checkups. If you experience blurred vision, discomfort, eye pain, and redness while wearing your contacts, don’t panic. Remove your lenses right away and call your eye doctor.

Stay Away From Water

Scientific evidence shows that water is an ideal medium for pathogens to thrive. Because of this, you should avoid immersing in a pool or showering while wearing your contact lenses. This will only expose your contacts and your eyes to microbes that could cause eye infections.

Have a Backup

You should always carry a backup pair of contact lenses or a pair of prescription eyeglasses. This is important if you need to take out your lenses or in case you lose one of your contacts.

Care for Your Contact Lens Case

Clean your contact lens case like you clean your contact lenses. Use your contact lens solution and your fingers when you rub and rinse your lens case. Store it upside down, with lids off on a flat and dry surface after every use. Eye experts advise that you should replace your contact lens case every three months. It is better to do so more often.
Contact lens health definitely starts with you. We, at Abraham Eye Associates, do our best every day to help you have a pleasant and safe contact lens experience. You are always welcome to visit our clinic in Villanova and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, for a one-on-one consultation. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or make inquiries about our contact lenses and contact lens accessories.

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