Are You a Candidate for Specialty Scleral Lenses?

Are You a Candidate for Specialty Scleral Lenses? 6549031018850.jpeg

Most people prefer wearing contact lenses to eyeglasses due to their many benefits. They give convenience and freedom of lifestyle and appearance. However, not everyone can wear conventional contact lenses. Your eye doctor can recommend specialty contacts if you fit the category.

There are different types of specialty contacts. Scleral lenses are often the option suggested when you cannot wear conventional contacts. Scleral contact lenses have a gas permeable material with a larger diameter than regular contacts. As a result, oxygen can pass through the lens to the surface of your eyes.

Scleral lenses have a significant curve that vaults over the surface of your cornea to create a small space. The space helps trap tear film on the surface of your cornea. It also accommodates corneal abnormalities that conventional contacts would not. Scleral lenses comprise different sizes. The smallest size is still larger than traditional contacts.

Before you wear scleral lenses, you must first get assessed by your eye doctor to determine your eligibility. They will check your contact lens prescription and some aspects of your eye health to decide the suitable contact lenses for you. Read on to learn if you are a candidate for specialty scleral lenses.


Dry Eye

Patients suffering from dry eye cannot produce adequate tears to lubricate the eye surface. Their tear film is often of low quality, leading to insufficient lubrication. Scleral lenses vault over the cornea to leave a gap that acts as a reservoir for the tear film. As a result, dry eye patients who cannot use regular contact lenses due to the condition experience a decrease in their dry eye symptoms.



The cornea can thin and bulge due to keratoconus. The eye condition makes it difficult for patients to comfortably wear contacts or eyeglasses due to the unusual shape of their corneas.


Eye Injury

Accidents can occur and affect your ability to wear regular contact lenses. Getting a chemical burn can damage or cause your cornea to swell. Your eye doctor can prescribe specialty scleral lenses in such cases.


Hard to Fit Eyes

Some people have a natural eye shape that cannot fit a conventional contact lens. Specialty scleral lenses have a larger diameter compared to traditional contacts. Therefore, they are an excellent solution if you cannot wear regular contact lenses comfortably.


Irregularly Shaped Cornea

Some people find it difficult to wear traditional contact lenses due to the conical shape of their corneas. The conventional contacts become less stable, unpleasant, and do not fit properly. Scleral lenses are ideal as they do not sit directly on the cornea but vault over it. No corneal abnormality can impact these specialty contacts.


Corneal Degeneration

Progressive corneal deteriorations or changes can impair the function of your cornea. As a result, it reduces the focusing ability of the affected eye. Regular contacts cannot help with clear vision. Therefore, your eye doctor can recommend scleral lenses.


Ocular Surface Diseases

Damage to the layers of your eye surface, especially your conjunctiva and cornea, causes ocular surface disease. The most frequent causes of this are blepharitis and dry eye syndrome. Patients who suffer from this illness find it difficult to wear conventional contact lenses. Scleral lenses protect the damaged eye surface to help patients experience improved sight.

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